Teste Touch
It Is What It Does

by Jason Krugman,
Stella Kim and Ben Chao



An art installation where the user's touch and the temperature of the environment makes two giant testicles retract and descend.


Teste Touch is an interactive installation that mimics the human anatomy. In the same vein as Matthew Barney's Cremaster series, our installation is based on the natural interaction between the male reproductive organs and their environment. Teste Touch’s hanging scrotum responds to temperature by ascending or descending, highlighting the function of the cremaster muscle. Without a working cremaster muscle, the sperm can easily overheat, killing them and rendering a man sterile. This piece demonstrates one of the main functions of the autonomous nervous system: performing crucial tasks for us without our direct intention. Although the rising and falling of the testicles is often the subject of humor and or vulgarity, it is crucial to the survival of the entire human species. In addition, we have included a reflexive response to touch to create a more direct interaction with the user. With this project, we are affirming our love for Mother Nature and the beautiful simplicity of her designs.